Dead Space 2 All Suits Complete Guide

There are 9 different suits in Dead Space 2. Here is a complete Dead Space 2 suits list to help you obtain them in the game:

Dead Space 2 Engineering Suit

No bonus. This is your most basic suit for Isaac. When you start the game for the first time, and this is your first suit. It will keep you alive as while.

Dead Space 2 Security Suit

                                                      5% higher damage with Pulse Rifle.

Dead Space 2 Vintage Suit

Store items 10% Discount. The Vintage Suit looks a lot like the old SUBA suits or Big Daddy outfits from BioShock.

Dead Space 2 Advanced Suit

                                                                  50% faster Stasis recharge.

Dead Space 2 Arctic Security Suit

10% higher damage with the Dead Space 2 Flamethrower.

Dead Space 2 Riot Security Suit

10% higher damage with Contact beam.

Dead Space 2 Elite Engineering Suit

                                             15% more HP when using a medical container.

Dead Space 2 Elite Vintage Suit

15% Discount at the Store.

Dead Space 2 Hacker Suit

When you have beaten the Dead Space 2 ignition you can obtain hacker suit. You can get the hacker suit for 20000 credits weather you have played ignition or not.

When you play Dead Space 2, the suits are your basic necessary thing. So you must chose and use them in a correct way.